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3 Elements For A Luxurious Multi-Layered Bedroom Window Dressing

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Designing a stylish, attractive and functional interior for your home is more complex than you may at first imagine. There are a lot of small decisions to make which all impact on the overall look and success of a room. One of these decisions is what to use as a window dressing.

When it comes to the bedroom, window dressings need to be functional and practical, yet they also play a big role in making the room feel comfortable, relaxing and luxurious. A great option for window dressings in the bedroom is to opt for a multi-layered effect instead of using a single window dressing as you would in other rooms. Here are three elements you should include in the different layers of your bedroom's window dressing.

1. Custom blinds

Blinds are enormously popular as window dressings right now. They're simple, sleek and practical, and they are ideal for the minimalist style that's currently dominating the interior design world. In the bedroom, they may feel a little too stark if they're used on their own, but they make an excellent element as part of a multi-layered approach.

Custom-made blinds that are made to fit perfectly inside your bedroom window frames will give you complete control over light and privacy in the room. They also add an important layer of extra insulation to the windows, which will help keep your bedroom cooler in summer and cosier during the colder months.

2. Sheer curtains

The next layer to add is some lightweight sheer curtains. You can opt for thin cotton, light jersey, voile or a gentle lace as choices for this layer. All of these fabrics are soft, flowing and opaque, which gives you two benefits. Firstly, they give you an extra option for privacy and light control when you don't want full block-out and secondly, they add a beautiful, opulent feel in a room that's all about comfort and appealing to the senses.

3. Long fabric curtains

The final layer to include for your bedroom's windows are traditional fabric curtains. These should be in a denser fabric than the sheer curtains so that you get the full benefit of the privacy and light control that you need. Heavy cottons, thicker linens and lush velvets are all excellent options.

As well as being functional, this final layer is an opportunity to create the luxury you're aiming to achieve. Make sure that your curtains cover the full length of the window right down to the floor. You may also want to add a little extra length so that the fabric pools elegantly as it meets the floor.