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Upgrades for Your Yoga Studio Facade

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As a commercial business, the first thing people judge your business on is your facade. They view this as an introduction to what you have to offer and the experience they will receive when they walk through the doors. For many businesses, especially ones like your yoga studio, the commercial facade can be vital to bringing in new customers. If you are concerned about the appearance of your current facade, here are some upgrades to consider.

Natural Woodland Facade

Natural wood and woodland designs are increasingly popular with people wanting a meditative and relaxing experience. The natural wood and stone mixture can give the appearance of a mountain spa retreat. It can also tell the future clients that you are environmentally friendly and that you want to bring them a bit of nature into an otherwise city or urban environment. Make sure to keep the wood a natural but treated wood. If your clients see that the wood facade is actually a vinyl wood, their viewpoint of the yoga studio and the image you are trying to convey could be diminished before their first visit. 

Clean Steel Facade

If you offer a more modern yoga studio option, then a clean steel look may be ideal. Stainless steel and steel, in general, are environmentally sound, eco-friendly materials. In addition to being eco-friendly, they also offer a sleek and modern look for your yoga studio. There are endless ways you can develop a clean steel facade into different artistic expressions. With the use of a welding artisan, you can create different sculptures and even optical illusions that will draw in your customers. The steel can convey that you offer a modern yoga studio experience with updated classes such as hot yoga as well as other possible therapy options. 

Meditative Fountain Facade

If your yoga studio offers a more meditative yoga experience with massage therapies and similar options, then you may want to consider a meditative fountain facade. These can be large fountains that are slow-flowing or they can be large and built up with natural stone to give a more babbling brook effect. The fountain can draw people in just to look and admire the fountain at first. It can then help to draw them into the studio for your services. 

Keep in mind, your yoga studio should convey a calm and peaceful environment. Spa looks work well, but there are additional options. Consider contacting a contractor to discuss upgrades and ways to convey exactly what your studio offers through your commercial facade.