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3 Ways To Make The Summer Vibes Last All Year Long In Your House

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Summer is many Australians favourite season of the year, from watching cricket games to attending a myriad of barbecues, festivals and outdoor activities. There is little wonder why it is such a popular time. Sadly it is but three months out of a very long year and, when it is over, it can be hard to remember just how great it was during the rest of the calendar year. To combat this post-summer blues here are a few steps you can put in place to keep your house maintaining that summer vibe all year long. 

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds combine the fullness of curtains with the accessibility of blinds to form a product that both allows you to block out the harsh sun rays during the day and let the cooler evening air in at night. The epitome of summer design, roller blinds are a classic staple of Australian homes and one that has never gone out of fashion. During the colder months, roller blinds still allow you to make sure your home does not heat up too much through natural light or it can be used as an additional layer of insulation to keep your house nice and toasty. Make sure to get neutral colours like grey or charcoal, which allow your roller blinds to naturally blend into your house and keep a nice, continual design flow throughout your home. 

Colour Scheme

As aforementioned, the colour scheme of your house is very important in creating a specific feeling and, even though it might not be summer, you can recreate the feelings of summer with the use of the right colours. It will come as no surprise but to recreate a summer feel you want to use more "warm" colours that are generally associated with that time: reds, oranges, yellows, tan, maroon and every variation you can imagine. Remember, do not overbear your home with these colours, as they are quite strong, but rather use them sparingly or in interesting ways like on your skirting board, through feature walls, in certain rooms etc. Building an overall vibe does not mean your whole home has to be repainted, just enough so there is a colour connection across your home.


Apart from colour, lighting is perhaps the most important way to stimulate certain moods. If you want to create feelings associated with summer then you need to start recreating the lighting situation that you most associate with summer times. What this means will be individual to you but in general, there are a few things you can do. Specifically, you want lights that can be dimmed, as that soft summer twilight is hard to recreate otherwise. Summer is generally known for harsher light but not the kind generated by washed out, fluorescent lights, rather a light that is warm and creates long shadows. Stick to halogen lights and use plenty of LED lamps and fixtures that create that soft, muted glow.