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Four Practical Tips for Repainting External Wood Shutters

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Exterior wood shutters are ideal for enhancing the appeal of a home. However, if these elements lose their aesthetic appeal, they will compromise the rest of the building. Therefore, you should inspect your shutters regularly. If the surfaces fade and degrade, you should plan to apply a fresh finishing coat to restore the beauty. If you are planning on repainting your shutters without professional assistance, you should use the below tips for the best results.

Remove the Shutters

Painting exterior shutters while they are attached to the building can be challenging and dangerous. Moreover, the results will not be exceptional. Therefore, you should detach these treatments by removing the hardware screws. In most cases, you can use a standard screwdriver. If the fasteners remain stubborn, you should opt for a ratcheting screwdriver. Once you remove the shutters, you should place them in your workshop or other space.

Clean the Shutters

You should clean the dust and grime from your wood shutters before proceeding with the refinishing project. This is an essential preparation step because external shutters tend to accumulate a lot of dust over time. If the coat of dirt is relatively light, you can clean the surface with detergent, water and a sponge. However, if the surfaces are grimy, you will need to acquire a strong specialty cleaner. After washing thoroughly, rinse the shutters and allow them to dry.

Strip the Old Paint

You should remove the old layer of paint from the surfaces of the exterior wood windows for ideal results. This process will create a smooth template for the application of fresh paint. You can strip the paint mechanically or chemically. The latter method involves the use of a chemical stripper which dissolves the old finish, allowing you to clean it off. Alternatively, you can use a scraper to remove the flaky paint and then sand the wood using suitable sandpaper.

Prime the Shutters

You should purchase an appropriate primer for your exterior shutters repainting project. The layer of primer will ensure adhesion of the paint, creating a more attractive look. When shopping for your primer, you should look for products which are rated for exterior wood use. It is also prudent to have a primer with wood-sealing capabilities for moisture protection. Apply a coat of your primer on your clean shutters and leave the layer to dry.

Once the primer dries, you can paint your exterior wooden shutters. You should choose a colour which complements your external walls for maximum visual impact and appeal.

If you start this process and realise your shutters instead need to be completely replaced, contact a company like Shutterflex.