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It's Easy to Miss These Details When Choosing Outdoor Blinds

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Outdoor blinds are a good choice for any patio area, as they allow you to block out the sun, wind and even a light rain, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor area no matter the weather. Outdoor blinds or roller shades can also provide privacy and some sound insulation so you don't need to worry about the neighbours or other such distractions. Before you decide to start shopping for outdoor blinds, note a few details that are very easy to overlook with this choice so you know you'll find blinds that are right for your particular needs.


If your local area tends to be very cool, you want to invest in thick blinds with a very tight weave or mesh, or opt for a solid vinyl or canvas material. This will lock in some heat around your patio area and block that outside cold. If the area in which you live tends to get warm and humid, choose a fabric with a much looser weave, so that you have more fresh air circulation in the patio and don't trap heat and humidity in the space. For rainy areas, a canvas material can ensure water doesn't get through the blinds; avoid woven materials, especially those with a very loose weave, as these will allow rain to pass through to the patio.

Ease of operation

Struggling with ropes, pulleys, and cords is often hard enough for indoor blinds, but outdoor blinds may be even heavier and harder to manage! Also, if you want to install more than one set of blinds, you might want to be able to open and close them evenly. A motorized controller can mean not having to fuss with ropes and cords, and it can also make it easier to open and close those blinds evenly, so they all remain in the same position when they're only partially opened.


Don't overlook the appearance of your outdoor blinds or roller shades, as these can work to enhance your home's outdoor space, or they might detract from it. Bamboo roller shades can add a natural element to the space and easily coordinate with an Asian-inspired pergola, whereas this style might look out of place outside a modern home. If you have a pool with blue tile, opt for blinds or shades in a coordinating blue tone. For some added personality in a dull outdoor space, choose awning stripes for your shades, as this can mean lots of visual interest and a great pop of colour.