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4 Great Reasons Why Timber Flooring Is Perfect for Dog Owners

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If you have a dog, you probably can't even imagine calling your house a home without your four-legged friend scampering up to meet you at the door. Unfortunately, all that scampering can take its toll on your flooring, and there are other doggy-relation issues besides. That can make it tough to pick out flooring, but dog owners generally find timber the best option, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Accidents Are Easy to Mop Up

Even the most well-behaved of canines can occasionally lose control or have an accident. You can't completely prevent those accidents, but you can make them easy to clean up by choosing timber flooring. Unlike with carpet, accidents aren't going to soak in or make a stain. In fact, treated timber flooring boasts a non-porous surface, so solid or liquid waste is easy to remove.

2. Scratches Aren't Such a Problem

Despite potential accidents, many dog owners choose carpets because they think other flooring is going to get scratched. Well, it's true that dogs can do a little surface damage as they race around, but hardwood timber is very tough, so any scratches that are made will be minimal. But that's not the best part. The fact is, scratches age quickly, giving your timber flooring a touch more character. And if you decide it's time to refresh the room, timber flooring can be simply sanded down and refinished to get it in like-new condition.

3. Cleaning Is Easy

Dogs remain silly little scamps well into their twilight years, and the thing about silly little scamps is that they don't tend to be too discerning about dirt and mud. At some point, you dog is probably going to run in with mud in its fur and dirt on its feet, and that can be a real pain when it gets all over the floor. Of course, things are easier when your floor is made from timber. Most flooring materials don't respond well to dirt and mud, but you can easily clean timber flooring using nothing more than warm water and a mop.

4. No Place for Fur

Dogs are easy to love. But their fur? Yeah, not so much. You don't want to find it everywhere you turn, but it can come off in waves during moulting season, especially if you have a long-haired doggo. Hardwood flooring doesn't offer any kind of refuge for falling fur, so you'll be able to quickly and easily brush it up at the end of the day.