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Small Details to Remember When Choosing a New Bathroom Vanity

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A new bathroom vanity might be just what you need to add extra storage in your home's bathroom, keeping you organised and stress free. A vanity can also muffle sound in the bathroom, something to consider for a powder room that is close to the home's living space or attached to a shared bedroom! When you're ready to choose a new bathroom vanity, note a few details to keep in mind, so you know you get the right piece for the bathroom in your home.

Cabinetry versus drawers

A vanity might be just a simple cabinet under the sink, or it might have drawers along one or both sides. You might assume that you should get drawers for your hair dryer and curling iron, but note the length, width and depth of drawers on a vanity that would fit your home's bathroom and if those appliances might actually be too big to fit. On the other hand, some drawers can allow you to keep makeup items, small linens, extra bars of soap and other such pieces organised and easily accessible. There is no 'right or wrong' when it comes to choosing cabinetry versus drawers, but opt for what works for your storage needs in particular.


A new bathroom vanity might include an attached sink basin and benchtop. Here, too, you'll want to consider your own personal needs, either for a large sink basin, or for a larger benchtop that offers more space for bathroom accessories. For example, if you often wash your face over the bathroom sink, or use it for washing delicate pieces of laundry, you might need a larger sink basin. However, if you have lots of shaving accessories, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, and other items you want to keep on the benchtop itself, you'll want a smaller sink basin and larger benchtop area.


A bathroom vanity can sit directly on the floor, or it might be made with legs, so that the vanity resembles a piece of furniture. A vanity with legs can often be more visually appealing, and may dress up the bathroom space. However, you do lose some storage space under the sink basin when you choose a vanity that is not a full cabinet. Note, too, if you often notice hair on the bathroom floor, from brushing or blow-drying and if that hair would then also collect under the vanity, becoming very unsightly and requiring more cleaning from you.