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Small Changes That Can Have a Big Impact on Your Home's Interior

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Sprucing up a home's interior doesn't always need to be expensive, and it doesn't need to involve major changes either. Sometimes even the simplest details can help to update and modernize a space, and make it more attractive and inviting overall. Note a few small changes you might consider around your home, and which will still have a big impact on your home's design and style.

Overhead lighting

Take stock of the overhead lighting features of your home, and swap out dull and dated fluorescent fixtures for something warmer and more attractive. In the kitchen, track lighting can help to illuminate every corner, and a stately glass fixture in the dining room can make the space seem grand and rich. If you prefer more natural materials in the home, opt for an oil-rubbed bronze fixture in the living room or bedroom for a soft look that is still very modern and sophisticated.

Natural light

Adding natural light to a space can make it seem cleaner and more inviting. If you cannot install larger windows in a room, be sure the window treatments are at least out of the way of the window completely. Install tiebacks to hold back the curtains from the windows, or move overhead cassettes for roller shades higher up on the wall, to keep those shades from blocking the windows. Put mirrors on the walls as art, to reflect light and make the room brighter.


Live plants help to clean the air in a space, and they also add colour and texture, making a room seem cosier and more relaxing. If you have a hard time growing plants, start with the area where you'll want to keep them, and choose plants according to the amount of sunlight that reaches that space. Check how often it's recommended you water a particular plant, and note an actual schedule on your calendar. You can also look for hearty indoor plants that thrive indoors, such as peace lily, Boston fern, and aloe.


Old and outdated doors and hardware can make a home's interior seem dated, and a bit like an apartment rather than an actual home. If you can't afford new, modern doors, change out the hardware. Oversized, decorative hinges can add visual interest to the doors, as can new knobs and plates behind the knobs. Choose a matte black metal or oil-rubbed bronze for a fresh look. Opting for eye-catching metal plating for door hardware will make the doors look updated and modernized.