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2 Ideas For Creating A Salon-Style Photo Gallery In A Small And Awkward Space In Your Home

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When it comes to interior design, it's often the smaller spaces of a home that prove to be more problematic to decorate than the larger spaces. Areas such as entrances, hallways and study nooks leave little space for furniture or ornaments, yet they look bare and neglected if you leave them empty. If you have one of these troublesome spaces in your home, then you might like to consider a salon-style photographic gallery for the area.

What it is

Salon-style hanging of photography or art was popularised in French homes during the 18th and 19th century as a way for artists to display their work in public spaces. The idea has been adopted with a modern twist and is fast becoming a big trend in interior design. It's a great way to make use of an otherwise unused space and also a great way to display photographs that would languish on smartphones or hard drives.

How to make it

When creating a salon-style photo gallery, there are no hard and fast rules about the best way to achieve it. You can make the layout and content of your frames as uniform or as eclectic as you like. Here are two ideas that you might like to consider.

1. A grid of custom made frames

If you like a sense of order, symmetry and geometry in your home, a neat grid of identical frames is a great choice. This style works best with simple, modern frames made from natural timber or timber painted in a neutral shade. You can have these custom made to your precise specifications by a professional picture framer.

It's important to ask that your frames have a good quality acrylic or glass panel to protect the photograph. Opt for a material that has glare reduction and IV protection if your gallery is in an area that gets a lot of sunlight. Ideally, stick with either coloured or black and white photographic prints, not a combination of the two, to ensure a consistent and cohesive look.

2. An eclectic mix of different frames

If you prefer a more bohemian and unconventional look, then an eclectic mix of frames for your salon-style gallery might be the ideal choice. Choose frames that vary in size, material and age to create a unique and visually striking collage. These can then be hung in a fairly random way without too much thought needed for the layout.

This style is great if you want to add a variety of photographs from different time periods in both black and white and colour. You can also add in postcards, drawings, paintings or cards to make the collection more vibrant, interesting and personal.