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Terminology to Learn Before Shopping for Blinds

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Blinds are a great choice for any room of the home, and especially for kitchens and bathrooms where humidity levels are higher than in the rest of the house. Wood or vinyl blinds won't absorb that added humidity, so they won't show greasy stains or other such marks as curtains and fabric shades often do. When you're ready to shop for blinds for your home, you might note a few key phrases and terms to learn, and this can help you find the right style of blinds for your home's interior.

Braided ladder and cloth tape 

A braided ladder is the thick string that runs down either side of blinds which controls their opening and closing and also keeps each slat in place. Cloth tape is a piece of fabric that might be placed over this ladder. This cloth tape can make blinds look more attractive, as that string or ladder might be a bit unsightly. Cloth tape also helps to block out the small dots of light that come in through the area of the ladder, something to consider when choosing blinds for a bedroom.

Easy lift system

An easy lift system works blinds without a braided ladder. The slats of the blinds will all be attached to a type of backing, or to each other, and you open or close the blinds with a latch along the bottom rail. This can be a good look for modern homes, as a clean and simple window treatment might be a better fit for simple decor. An easy lift system is also good for homes with children and pets, as there are no cords for them to pull on or damage.

Head rail

A head rail is like a piece of moulding that goes across the top of the blinds, helping to hide that "chunk" of blinds when the slats are opened and folded up. This rail can also give the blinds a bit of added weight, making them more attractive and less utilitarian.

Roman fold

Roman fold blinds are window treatments that are a folded piece of fabric and look like a cross between blinds and shades. These blinds can add a bit of softness to a room, and the folds created when the blinds are closed also adds depth and dimension. Roman fold blinds can also be much bigger than standard slatted blinds, installed outside the window frame rather than inside, so they make the window treatments stand out.