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Secure Window Treatment Options Compared

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If you love your interior decor and don't want to alter anything to do with the appearance of your current windows, then upgrading the security of them may seem impossible. In fact, it is possible to make your windows more secure against potential intruders by applying a clear plastic safety film. If you stick this material onto the inside pane of your chosen window, then it will be much harder to smash from the outside. By fitting it, your home is becomes harder to break into, but you don't have to change anything to do with the window treatment that is already in place. If you are considering the relative merits of different window treatments from the point of view of security, then read on.


Probably the most popular form of window treatment in homes, curtains are not very secure at all. In fact, from a security point of view, all they provide is the ability to cut off sight lines from the outside into your property. This should leave you with a feeling of security and privacy but they won't prevent unwarranted access if you window is left open or is prized away from its frame.

Venetian Blinds

Although it is possible to peep through the slats in Venetian blinds even when they have been pulled into a vertical position, they restrict the amount you can see into a property from the outside in a similar way to curtains. Blinds of any kind will not prevent someone from entering your property through an open window but they are more effective than a pair of curtains. This is because Venetian blinds cannot be pushed out of the way easily or raised from the outside. Therefore, they will often make a great deal of noise as they are pushed past by an intruder who is getting past them. As such, they afford more secure than curtains.

Internal Shutters

If you opt for shutters on the inside of your window frames, then it becomes very hard for burglars to break in through a window. However, this type of window treatment is not for everyone because they tend to block out a great deal of light during the day. Louvered internal shutters will allow you to regulate light flow but also provide a physical barrier between your garden and the inside of your home.

Window Screens

By far the most secure option for homeowners are security window screens. These window treatments look surprisingly attractive in modern designs and won't make your home feel like it is a cell. Made of durable materials, they are fixed to your property with tamper-proof bolts. Most screen designs will look perfectly good with other window treatments, such as blinds and curtains.